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Thomas Vannatta
Managing Director - Portfolio Manager

19 Years Experience

Prior to joining MJX, Thomas Vannatta was a Executive Director at Brightwater Capital, where he served as an Investment Committee member specializing in Asset Backed Securities, and performerd credit analysis and modeling at asset specific and portfolio levels.

Prior to joining Brightwater, Mr. Vannatta was an ABS analyst in the Global Financial Markets Portfolio Management Unit of WestLB. His responsibilities included management of CDO's, Bank Balance Sheet, and Security Arbitrage Conduits.

Mr. Vannatta joined WestLB in 1999 as a member of the Financial Group as part of a team that analyzed new product proposals related to structured credit businesses, including daily risk attribution reporting.

Prior to joining WestLB Mr. Vannatta was an associate of the Prudential Insurance Company working in the Pension and Insurance group.

He began his career working at Bloomberg Financial Markets as part of the quality control group, responsible for all ABS, MBS and structured credit functionality.

Mr. Vannatta holds a B.S. in Accounting from William Patterson University
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